Magic Growth Lamp

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Magic Growth Lamp with 360° Flexible Gooseneck


Magic Growth Lamp 15W led grow lamp may be just enough light for your tiny garden or single plant.  It features a 360-degree gooseneck that easily adjusts to any indoor grow setup, and a study clamp to secure it to a desk, bookshelf, or wherever you decide to grow in your garden.

This light is just enough powerful  to use on larger plants, this is rated as a top choice product for Your home grow lights because it offers quality and value. The aluminum shell provides good heat dissipation, while the full spectrum, 200 pcs SMD Chip LEDs provide red, blue, IR, and UV to give targeted wavelengths to your plants for increased photosynthesis. With all the high luminous efficiency, long service life of 50,000, this small LED grow light is money well spent.